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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


Now if only we can get Vin Disel or Desel or however he spells his name into the Honda on the tracks.


Did you really waste your time making this shit?
if your going to talk shit on people who hook up thir cars to make them run faster at least learn something about cars first okay loser


im rating harshly because i do put money into my car...but at least i dont drive a civic

Where was the humor?

I'm sorry but this just plain sucked. It wasn't funny and the animation was poor.

Kinda stupid

it didn't really make any sense. I don't like the ricer homos either but, if I'm gonna make fun of them I'll at least TRY. It also had really bad animation for a flash movie. The only thing I liked was that you left the H off of Honda (that was funny).