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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

All your movies are awsome

Good job ben, i like all your movies, they are all awsome


JEEZ, how can this thing have a low 2 rating? This is one of the funniest entries I've ever seen! in a more subtle kind of way...the radio kicking back at the end never fails to make me laugh.

This movie is clutch!

Job well done man.Loved the attention to the ridiculous detail these fake ass chump ballers put into their piece of shit rides. The squealing tires around every corner(fuckin hardcores!) the farting bass are mint and the neon tubes you put in are fuckin prime buddy! kudos!

i totally f*cking agree!!!!!!!

i'm sic of all the rice burners, what happened to true muscle? F*CK whoever drives/likes those shits.
i own a 1991 Chevrelet Iroc Z-3 that makes rice burners cry and waste more money on exhaust pipes. those pieces of sh*t make a whole lot of noise, and do a whole lot of NOTHING!!!!!

so true

man that idiot deserved it !! i hate those retards who love to pump up friggin bass! i also agree with the guy b4 me