Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

heaven in a movie

god thats swell


It's about time somebody saw it the way I did. I could build up about five mustangs that would beat the shit out of any damn import for the money they put in them shits. They sound like ass, look like butt, and have to be the sorriest excuse for a "racecar" that I have ever seen. For all you dumbass god damn rice burning mother fuckers...just remember that "The Fast and the Furious" was just a movie. Pieces of shit. And for the dumb ass that commented about Fords...what the hell are you talking about?! All you little import fags can go ahead and think that cause you're the ones getting blown off the road with your damn 16 second passes at the track. Ford is one of the most reliable companies there is whore. People like you make me fucking sick.

Civics are gay

Forget whatever those hondas queers are saying. in the end horsepower is horsepower. I dont care how much hp is made per liter--mustangs, comaros-they all kick civic ass straight off the factory line. Take your little 4 cyl mommas boy civic and get out of the way---You are holding up traffic!!!


Oh man that was hilarius. that goes to show you that horsepower and speed is not everything that its cracked up to be.

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