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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

Hmmmm Interesting...

I don't really understand the point of this movie. But the early flash animation was fun to watch and was pretty good for the time. So it really wasn't that bad. Overall it was pretty neat.

so true

god i hate those morons......i laugh at them cause i drive a hyundai elantra and i raced a souped-up civic and killed it. lol my car is stock to boot lmao.

well ..

sorry but thats just stupid...


Very very old
So I didn't think about giving it a low score because of animation.
where's the H in honda.... guess it was a joke ^_^
In one part the car looked like it was flying but that's all.

I think all souped-up cars should end like that!

This is good. The animation is very smooth, and the colour is good. The sounds are a good quality, and the file is nice and small. The story is a bit small and short, but I like shorts. My negative comment is that there are only simple movements, and I think some twisting/turning would be good.