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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

Honda's Suck

i hate Honda's..............this movie rules!

One of my all time favorites

This has been one of my favorites for a long time I just never got around to reviewing it. I was just reminded of this movie because someone in the bbs was asking which $1500 set of rims he should put on his truck, damn people waste money on stupid shit.

killing a gook made rice burner is cool

oooh i chink i know you but i might be wong


civics are pretty good cars for their price. a civic isnt the best sports car because its not. a souped up civic looks and works better, and it is not usually intended for racing.

the flash was not that good, and had no real point. sure im biased. i dont give a fuck.

That was pretty good.

Not a bad Flash movie, really. Pretty funny... you also pretty much worked out a lot of details into the Honda car. (By the way... does the "ON" in your profile stand for "Ontario", in Canada??? Just wondering...)