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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


Bringing out the true value of a Honda.

UNLESS! Its a Honda S2000, =).
Good movie, bud.


haha, that wuz pretty funny, cauz i see people alllll tha time with thoz fuckin carz tryin to make them into some kinda sikk ryde, but although they do last long, so many people have them now, and on any given day i would totally waste any honda piece of shitt with my "72" camaro! any camaro no matter wut year it iz would kill any honda!

YEAH RIGHT !!!!....

....more like any american car{blowing up}!
dont you get it?people like hondas because they
out last american cars by like 5 to 1.
i know that might be hitting too close to home ,with your american pride and everything but
if america made a better car then i would get one.
but till then i want my car to last so i wont!people buy honda because they are reliable!im not sure if you know this but acura is made by honda
and ford nor chevy makes a car that touches an nsx
straight off the lot.Ill also be the first to admit ive seen some horrific custom jobs done to them,but its worse to do it to a piece of shit neon, which i wouldnt be paid to drive.in addition you cant get a new honda civic for anywhere near 8 thousand .

however i wont give you a zero cause this isnt all about my opinion of your opinion ;-)


I actually like Civic's. I'm sure it's better than your 85 Monte Carlo. :)

Yeah, baby!

I hate freakin' Hondas. Always have, always will. This movie is the showcase of my collection of online humor files. It would be great if a sequel was made. *Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.* I would recommend this one to everyone, especially the people who actually LIKE Hondas. (Y'know, just to piss 'em off.) :) Anyway, great job!