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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

Kick ass..

This's been one of my fave toons on Newgrounds since about a year ago, cause it reminds me of my friend's Cougar. You know, almost religiously, it breaks down every six months. He takes in into a shop while bitching and griping about how much it sucks, then when he gets it back, he praises how sweet it is, and puts in some new subs, or new seat covers, etc..

i see

well, it's a honda civic. that's good. bad part is that it's a hatchback. stupid hatchbacks. ugly like ur mom. haha. but hey chill.

its good


I quite liked it.

Its an alright movie, quite funny, but you could come up with some better sound affects, and we cant read the writing at the end, due to the small window size.

Badger Slayer

very cool

hahaha very good man, iam with you on this one, becuase hondas suck, and they try to act tuff and shit but then they only get passed in the long run... what a bunch of fucking rice burner queers