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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

heh heh

not to shabby.

good movie

jarryd, you probably thought it sucked cause you are one of the morons that did put 50,000 bucks into a piece of shit 8,000 dollar car. GG.

good movie ben, well made :)

THAT SUX!!!!!!!

That was very gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's good

Its a good movie and it manages to not be too big.
More of those people should get hit by trains in real life.


yeah i loved this flash animation. It is great, whoever said there friend was hit by a train because of a stalled car is a god damn idiot. Trains are hard to miss. Oh no im stuck on the track, i guess i better not get out of the car and let it hit me. only a fucking idiot would die like that. a death like that only happens one way, your a stupid ass mother fucker who deserved to die...