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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


This is the kind of dark humour I like. People who spend that much on "pimping" their cars are idiots, and deserve whats coming to them. There wasn't much to this entry, but I still took great joy in watching it.


this is a good movie
i like how the owners of such cars are parodied
exelent animation
comparable to todays flashes

Deserves a better score.

This movie is not amazing or spectacular however it is well animated and has an interesting plot. The timing is perfect, the animation is good, the only thing that could do with a touch-up is the artwork and sound effects. Definetely deserves a better score than 2.3

the animation is wonderful!

I think the timing on everything was great and I agree anyone who drives a souped-up civic is dumb.

Mugeenman2 Review

1. Good animation

2. Good moral for the story (don't buy a Honda Civic)

3. The arms seemed to cut off in the 1st person veiw