Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


almost 10 years old

True Classic

I remember when this video first came out, I was 13. It always made me think twice about becoming a ricer, so you sir, get a 10!


that sucks lol


Onda for no copyright. While i have to say putting $50,000 into an $8,000 car is wortless, and this shows what could happen to all that money. If you are gonna put $50,000 worth of shit into a vehicle,Atleast have the vehicle be greater or equal to the amount you are putting in it.

I R h8 t3h C1V1C5!!!!

Someone noticed thats good. Stupid ricers from japan. Accords too. Toyota Supra mk1-4 all amazing cars. Eat shit Honda. Eat shit and die.