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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

I can animate just as well.

Funny how this video is called stupid when a lot of the videos on NG are pretty retarded.

Nice for a funny little chuckle. I actually have a friend who put a bunch of money into a rather inexpensive car, so that's part of the reason I find humor in it. The animation is ok, the audio is just a bit too odd at times though. Besides that, the humor isn't reallly there beyond the "You Drive a Supped Up Civic" "You're Dumb" part... But I guess had that been it, Tom (because this was just before the protal was autmoated) may not have submitted it.

Really stupid. 2/5

The real reason this has a low score

The real reason this has a low score is that either people were more honest/conservative about their scoring, or the scoring system used to work a bit differently. For its time, 3 or above was considered a great score. 4 was extremely rare. Somewhere between 2 & 3 was about average for good submissions.

The other factor is probably that a modern audience doesn't understand it & gives zeroes to things they don't understand. They'd rather watch game parodies about games their dads once played. Slapstick (with real stick figures) is timeless, and when mankind can no longer process higher flash concepts, slapstick and stick figures will always get high ratings -- along with anything with wacky voices & profuse profanity.

This was an amusing video. It's actually a rare classic. I wish the website was still there. What ever happened to Ugly Girl?