Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

I'm giving you a 10 because I hate those cars...

I hope everyone who owns a shitty, souped-up, light covered normaly slow car should watch this. Honda's and other crappy Japanese and American 4 cylindar cars suck. If you can't afford anything else thats different, but when you put the price of a house into a piece of shit you should get hit by a train! Thank god for you!


Very quick load which is an incredible plus. I liked the topic, could have worked a little more on it graphically but overall twas a good concept. Worth watching if your sporting gay ass neon lights around ur licenseplate, near ur windshield wipers, or inside the car. Oh and of course those HORRIBLE NEON LIGHTS that u put on the wheels. Those are awful!!


some cool ass shit this flash is fucken tight i fucken hate tunned up hondas

damn gook cars

yay. no more fuckin sake rockets. im sick of all the mexicans and their stupid fuckin 4 banger hondas! they have to play it through a fuckin bose to sound good. i hate stupid half engine bastards, they cant do anything without pussy ass nitrous. i have a 66 fairlane gt with high performance 390, i kick those bastards asses every chance i get.

civics suck

this was ok i guess