Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


It was okay. Wasn't funny, but it wasn't bad either.

Not bad

got nothing againt hondas but that was pretty good.

Funny as all get out

I loved it. I hate hondas. I drive A mustang


only one word necessary----->BORING!!!


Eh, it's OK. I don't know why people bash Civics so much though. I'm aware that they're not "cool" cars are anything, but they're actually really good. They're cheap, they last forever, get good mileage, have a 5 star safety rating (least the 2002 and after do), have good pep, etc (plus, they're one of the only cars that come in a hybrid). They have all the important stuff down. Someone who won't get a car just because it's not "cool" or fast enough is a retard. In fact, they're near the top of the list for best cars ever made. I might even want to get one someday. Anyway, though, I gave this an average rating mostly because I didn't think it was that clever. Just kinda pointless. Sorry.