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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

lol, i like this

lol,lol,lol this is aclass act, i like this man, i like it


i totally f*cking agree!!!!!!!

i'm sic of all the rice burners, what happened to true muscle? F*CK whoever drives/likes those shits.
i own a 1991 Chevrelet Iroc Z-3 that makes rice burners cry and waste more money on exhaust pipes. those pieces of sh*t make a whole lot of noise, and do a whole lot of NOTHING!!!!!


besides being a below-average movie, if you DO put 50,000 into a civic it will go fast (MONEY=SPEED), its just that there are certain technical limitations. besides, ive seen a civic run 7 seconds on the 1/4 mile AND still stay street legal.

It's aight

I know where you're getting at with the "souped-up civic thing" but your movie just sucked


Now if only we can get Vin Disel or Desel or however he spells his name into the Honda on the tracks.