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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

I gat this game called need for speed underground and i have an souped up dodge neon Whoah (and in one dragrace it got run over by a train like that!lol)

suks diks, but has some funny ideas in it

That wouldn't happen if I put a 351 GT500 engine and Viper SRT10 transmission inside the honda, but it's like putting a plasma HD TV and hifi speakers inside a trailer house.

Pretty good ^^, could use some work :D. Few flaws in logic, like how the needle of the car stops at 20 mph rather than below the 20 mark. Also if a car can stop instantly like that wouldnt it be a good car? The driver drove too fast which obviously over heated the car. Most cars cant make it to the highest MPH they have on the Guage. The rotation the entire time kept going between 1 and 7 then suddenly stuck at between 6 and 7. and finally the car moves in an impossible direction off the tracks :).....but over all pretty good movie ^-^ I thought it was funny my first time watching it.

people buy a cheap car and pour a ton of money into it
only to find out it was a complete waste mof money and there car is still shit
and judging from this movie those are the people you would like to see dead

the drawings were very good and the animation was quite smooth

its fun to mock those who because of insecurities obtain countless unnecessary upgrades just to show how "Bad Assed" they are