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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

a much needed message

This remind's me of that episode of MTVs Real Life "I'm a drag racer" It was rediculous how much money these guys put into cars that sucked. The "ONDA" on the back of the car made me laugh. This guy spends all this money on his car and doesn't bother to replace the H, or just take off the rest. Not much of a movie, but great considering when it was uploaded.


Good flash. Of course, I see the point of it, which is to just buy a good car.


Its funny cause its true!


That was terrific... Loved it! -- Jon002, I think you missed the entire point of the flash, however, thank you for the education on automobiles... I look forward to having you change the oil in my car one day... Oh, and be a good boy and be sure to top off the windshield wiper fluid... Thaaaanks...


Haha...the process of elimination will always prevail...unless the looping music gets to you or you have a life