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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


for a movie that was interactive with the continue buttons and all, the sound was dogdy but. Funny how the guy gets hit by the train, yer im from australia, same thing happens hear, ppl with shit cars, spending more money on upgrading the car, than the car itself, so i like the concept of ur movie


I get so tired of the american vs. import battles....god I mean come on just drop it all ready! Both have the potential to be great and both have their downfalls.

As for the movie itself it was kinda scary cause a few kids from my area died in a car crash in street racing so it isn't really funny

yup hondas suck

finally someone made a flash to make fun of these pieces of crap. you should make another one that also makes fun of the fags who drive these cars. then just maybe have it more detailed the stupid sh*t they put on their cars like 3ft tall spoilers, all the neon lights, decals, and 26" chrome they try to fit onto it. good job man and spread out to make fun of some more import crap cars like hyundai, kia, volvo, volkswagons, and all those other cars that seem to have problems going over 60. thank you so much for this and keep on coming out with these.

Civics are lame

Get a good car, Civics are sad heaps of scrap iron. This is a great animation, and depicts what should happen to people who think souping up a Civic makes them cool. I laugh at you.


i agree with the last guy, good graphics, but not a good movie.