Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"


I hate ricers and would love to see more anti-ricer submissions.

someone stoled my H

The graphics was plain and the background audio had to much rumble, i didn't like it at all, the sound effects was good. the car was missing the H in Honda on the back of the car till the last scene the H appears when hit by the train. also the train would most likely not to stop after hitting something. good try thou.

its a good movie

i like the last bit. its stupid to try and make a civic look cool. only if u r ghetto in the 'hood. and im not!


this is hilarious. im into american muscle cars. those rice burns are annoying. i have a 91 camaro rs. the bass was the best part. people need to stop buying those cars and doing all that work on it. vinyl decals dont give you a 100 horsepower people.


People need to really stop buying those POSs, along with all you fucks who drive a god damn Grand Am, or Cavalier, Theres too damn many of them. Chances are you would have to go around reading the fucking license plate to know what one is yours. Anyway, very comical, but I doubt it would even get up to 100 mphs.