Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

Pretty nice.

Yeah, I think it looks corny too when people pimp their cheap car. And BTW, the noise wasn't the engine it was the bass in the stereo system.

I always used to think the same.

Well done, your flash animated an annoyance of many people. The graphics were above par and their was much detail in many different features, especially the dashboard. If i had to be picky i noticed that the right arm of the driver wasn't connected to anything and their could have been more shading on different items. Overall great submission.


the good:
the graphics were quite nice. you had some nice sounds in it, too. the animations weren't that great, but they were good enough.
but the most important thing is: you had a point and you got that through to the viewers!

the bad:
although most of the sounds fit well in the flash, the motor sounds didn't. when the view went inside that honda, the motor sounded the same, even though the rev meter went up to 7, the motor sound was still the same.

the ugly:
fix that motor sound and you'll have a (nearly) perfect flash!


animation needs an update but its the point that counts. hay but worse then the hondas are the even" suoped up haunday, cant spell it but they do exist>

wute wute hahahahaha

dume fucker oh no smahs hahahaha