Reviews for "Lost and Found, Where in the world?"

Excellent idea! This game enables us to check, correct or learn the names famous places and monument - the kind of knowledge one might overlook.
And as usual: love your art! :D

Finaly a new game by you!
I always love your work!
It was very challenging and there where some funny sidekicks.

Love the style and the humour!

As a geography, history and biology lover I really enjoyed this. This was very education, started easy but in the end it made me to internet search for 2 or 3 places I didn't knew. Like which exactly is Buckingham and which is Westminster palace. Also didn't new Gateway arch and Constantine arch. So this is a good game that let's you learn something new.

The Easter eggs were funny and also provided some addition details that yo can learn something about. Nice subtle humor throughout the whole game. Some things that had to be found made me laugh especially the one found in Taj Mahal.

And of course lot's of relatively easy medals.. nom, nom.

The only things that could be better would be more less known places to make it harder and learn more new things and a bit higher quality art, but considering the big amount of locations it is understandable that there is not enough time for developer to draw this better.

oh this was fun, Munguia! The only ones I wasn't familiar with were the Arch of Constantine and Uluru, and I probably just forgot about them, having not heard the names in a while. ;) nice! But, could you put in an audio off switch next time? ;)