Reviews for "Lost and Found, Where in the world?"

Great game, I really like the interaction.

But in Tibet, not sure if that was intentional or not, I see some parts not supposed to be green are green. Like the lower part of sky and somewhere around the hat of the monk with long flute.

Love the style and the humour!

Finaly a new game by you!
I always love your work!
It was very challenging and there where some funny sidekicks.

Yea it was good but you could make it more challenging by adding a timer and also a bgm during game play

At first, I was complaining that this game was too easy. It ended up being a lot harder than I thought. I was glad! I was able to find some of the Easter eggs. I didn’t seem to get medals for them. I thought I found them all.

The drawings were quite nice. I admit they weren’t the best. This was something new from you. I can always appreicate it when people try that. I just know a lot of trivia.