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Reviews for "Dangerous Host: No Evil 027"

Dang, I’ve forgetting this story more and more. I can still appreicate the great animation and voice work. Looks like the humans and animals are getting equal screen time. I like the idea of a giant skeleton appearing like that. I loved it when she asked who said they had to leave. She simply answers.

I loved the fine little details in this. It’s just good fun. This is one long running series. It’s hard to say how long it will go on. You certainly gave us some interesting ideas.

Dammit, Huey. LOL

You're the best! Can't wait for the next one~!

This story just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
Can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!

Your way of story telling is improving!
This episode was kind of intense, liked the music and the animation.
addiction is growing

great movie all 5 stars !