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That final dragon wasn't that tough, not sure if that was the end because after i beat it, it sent me back to level 1 and everything started repeating. Overall it was worth the time.

Emptygoddess responds:

Glad your time was not wasted!

I played the unfished version about 1.5 year ago and now I am here to play this game again. Everything is fine until I achieved the ending which only the princess is free. I go back to the pre-loader game as I have no idea what I should do after that but the webpage always crash when I'm playing the pre-loader game. Any walkthrough? I've been playing this for 4 hours or more continuously so I'm pretty sure I'm stuck.

Emptygoddess responds:

There's a walk-through of the non complete version up somewhere. Maybe someone will do one of this too some time?

What a lovely little game. A lot of repetitiveness, but still good. The final ending was such a pain to find. Thanks for the game!

Emptygoddess responds:

If I didn't make a big deal about it now being in the game I'd make some vague comments about their being no final ending.

But alas, ten years ago me would have done that. New me is just happy you enjoyed the game.

i was about to call you out for stealing a game. then i read the author comments. then i remembered where all the secret doors were. yet i have yet to see the where the medals are ;). i feel like i have the closure you've been looking for. one ending achieved, ill be going back in tomorrow. thank you for a treasure trove of goodness. ( and all the other schmucks that worked on it too)

Emptygoddess responds:

Haha, yeah. No. No stolen. No stolen. My game. This my game.

Wow! So this is interesting, I was thinking of this game just the other day!
When I played the uncompleted version of this, back when you first released it, I praised it because of the ending. The player was told over and over to give up and you couldn't save her and in the end you couldn't. I thought that was amazing! When everything else I see has a shoehorned in happy ending and a moral lesson you'd created (intentionally or not) a great tragedy exploring hopelessness and heroism.
The hero continues to run through the gauntlet over and over, they eventually realise they're caught in some sort of loop but even so they keep going. Is it a metaphor stating heroism is a hopeless endeavor? Is it trying to let us know we should always pursue our goals no matter how impossible they are? Is it a subjective piece of media of which the player can develop their own opinions on? Probably the last one, yeah.

But now it has an ending. The hero isn't stuck in a never ending cycle of hopelessness and it's a typical happy ending so you'd think that'd ruin it for me, right?
But here's the thing. The game's been several years in development and two years released as an unfinished piece. For all that time in development the hero's been trying to save the princess. 85,000 people have played the unfinished version and tried to save the princess. How many times have players fought the demon at the end and lost do you think? I'd say each person playing this fought the demon at least twice, with anyone trying to 100% it playing it around 4-6 times. I'd guess there's been 500,000 attempts at saving the princess.
Now when I played this 2 years ago I chose the female elf. When I played it today I picked the same character. I know it makes no difference but to me I imagined it was the same elf who'd been trying to save the princess over the last two years and I imagine every other person played as that same character and that she's been trying since the beginning to save the princess. She's made half a million rescue attempts. Half a million times she regained her memory knowing that she was condemned to lose it again. Half a million times she failed in her quest and finally. Finally! After half a million tries she found a way. She succeeded! She saved someone so important to her she'd go through hell half a million times for.
It's the magic of video games, when we play, intentionally or not, we create our own narrative.

I'd call it serendipity, but this game having such a backwards, awful and long-winded development made it much more viable and meaningful as a piece of art to me.

So yeah, that was all very long winded but this game just leaves such an impression me.
I could go on about the actual content too! How the graphics create the perfect atmosphere, the sounds are spot on, the mechanics are great and I could even go so far as to criticise the parts that don't work but this review needs to end so let me finish with a few notes.

9 bosses would have made this game way too long to replay through every time.
That bone dragon WAS bitchin'!
TL;DR: Game's pretty neat.

Also I'm missing 3 picture's in the gallery, not sure if I missed them or if it's a bug? If it is a bug though, does that make the game still technically unfinished? :P



Since so many people are struggling with finding all the secrets. Here's some little hints.

Orb 1: You have no excuse to miss this. This isn't really a hint just a statement.
Orb 2: Don't cut down my chandelier!
Orb 3: Find the anti-christ among Christians.
Saved the day? Why not go back to the dungeon for more grand adventures?

And you should find everything else by playing the game linearly. Hope these hints helped.

Emptygoddess responds:

What a nice review. Thank you.