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Very grand indeed.

Emptygoddess responds:


Excellent game! I love the artwork and you amazing sense of humor. The character creation really cracked me up.

You should create more games with this "engine" :) A rogueliek perhaps?

All in all, hats off to you guys! ( do you know the number of that blonde princess...I wouldn't mind saving her again and again if you know what i mean :) )

Emptygoddess responds:

Her number is your own number. *spooky music*

Well first of all congrats on finishing the game. The game was fun and I liked its old school style. However my main issue is how easy and short it is.

I don't know about the story though but the storytelling was nice and I liked the story of the corpses and trees in the jungle (kind creepy).

Overall it was fun but from the description I don't think we will expect any new games form you?

Emptygoddess responds:

Well, there's the game i released last month, Dead Horizon.

Way too short and easy. The enemies dont even chase you and theres plenty of space for dodging the ranged things. Maybe make more levels? Make the existing ones more challenging?

I like the really ooold retro style though. Just needs to be harder and longer.

Emptygoddess responds:

Did you only play the preloader game? If you did, there's more game. A lot more game.

This is a beautify simple yet exceedingly unique platformer. I was entertained every second! Great story also! 5 STARS!