Reviews for "The Ultimate Madness Scene Creator"

My scene: https://gyazo.com/50f4c913ad7d16ac97270459f3581a30
The Agent with 3D glasses: I will never join..
Agent with Bi-Techs: you will, its your only choice.
*Spy sneaking up to him*
What will happen next?
Also, Great game!
I love how you can make your own characters with hats!
Maybe add some A.T.P Enginners Blood for a better game!
Im sure this will be popular!

Use arrow keys to rotate and press shift to switch

how do you save your scene?

It is a really good game.
This is my scene:
Before the madness series Hank has maked an his army with Deimos and Sanford for dominate the territory
Hank:Charge soldier and kill them all!!!
Soldier of Hank:Move move guys!
Hank:Lets a go!!!
Red glasse agent:Not now biach!!!!! and he shoot all soldiers,Hank,Deimos and Sanford becase he was a the boss.=(

the best scene creator i've seen for now.

but fix the rotation and flipping, its out of the place y'know what i mean?