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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

This brings me back... I used to code simple text-based games on my graphing calculator. Nothing quite as advanced as this, of course, but good to see the art lives on. Excellent writing and good story, quite a fun play. Thank you again for considering my music for use in your game!

Starfreaks responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Your music is awesome, I'm glad you agreed to team up on this! Hopefully we can work together on more games soon :)

Amazing story, once I started playing, I couldn't stop till the end!

Starfreaks responds:

Your words make my insides feel nice :)

Yet another great Crypt Shifter game from KungFuSpaceBarbarian! Can't wait for more from you! :D

Starfreaks responds:

There will be a new horror themed Crypt Shyfter adventure by the end of October for the Newgrounds Spooktacular event!

Another awesome game in your series. I'd love to play DnD or Pathfinder with you as the gm!

Starfreaks responds:

I'm free most Saturdays from 11am-5pm EST. Shoot me a PM and we can set something up on Roll20 if that works for you!

I've been thinking of setting up a Crypt Shyfter discord server where anyone who wants to join or host an RPG sessions can jump in. Ya know what? I'll just set one up and leave a link here for anyone who reads this in the future that may want to join:


one word ten outta ten best game hotter then hot best game 2017 confirmed!

Starfreaks responds:

this is a great honor. I'd like to thank the Academy, my mom, my dad, my dog, my first grade teacher....

*10 minutes later*

...my boss, my grandma, and uncle rick. I couldn't have done this without all your support. NOW WATCH ME FLEX AND RIP MY SHIRT!!! RAAAAH!!!!