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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

This is a good game. I really like the story and the interactions. However, I think it could be better. I noticed some minor spelling errors in the game. Furthermore, i think that the relationship between White Locus needed to be handle better. No offense, but I find a teacher student romantic creepy. So I avoided all romantic interactions and still got a romantic ending. It would be better if the relationship was between two masters instead. I also think you should have the option to avoid romance. Besides that, its still a great game full of wit, humor, and even heart. Good job.

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for the review and critique! If you have a minute please PM me any of the typos you noticed and I'll fix them ASAP :)

great game ;)

Starfreaks responds:

Woohoo! Barbarian dance party!

Ok, I completed this game without ever reading any white text after the defeating of Minotaur near barn when I tested that you can kill him with all options and the chi attack is as good as pitchfork as your bare hands, makes no difference. Completed the rest of game without reading the plot, just glancing over possible answers, not even reading them fully and I still won, proving that this story, the choices and game is completely meaningless.

As I said in my review of your previous game, if you take away possibility of failure it is boring and meaningless. Your first games where failure was possible were better.

You got all cocky and replied with indignity to my last review, which shows you in a bad light.

Accept that while most people seem to like getting participation trophies and give good ratings no matter what, some people will not like it.

If I wanted just a tale I would read some fantasy novel instead. If I play a game I expect a challenge. And there is nothing wrong with my opinion.

Accept that some people will not like your creations even if most do and and that is normal and don't get angry about it.

Starfreaks responds:

I thought it was a funny response!! Here it is again! XD


This is just AMAZING! Gotta try more routes, but even after a first try I'm totally captivated by this game. Definitely the best so far, a few levels above your previous games. Big thanks also to everyone who created music for the game, it enhances the atmosphere greatly! Now how will I play it next time...

Starfreaks responds:

Sweet! I spent a lot more time on the narrative for this one- wanted a fun story that you could get a little more immersed in if you wanted to talk to everyone and learn more about the world. And yeah, the musicians were all great :D Hope your other playthroughs are equally satisfying!

This brings me back... I used to code simple text-based games on my graphing calculator. Nothing quite as advanced as this, of course, but good to see the art lives on. Excellent writing and good story, quite a fun play. Thank you again for considering my music for use in your game!

Starfreaks responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Your music is awesome, I'm glad you agreed to team up on this! Hopefully we can work together on more games soon :)