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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

Very amazing game my dude, The Story has a very good plot to it and the characters have a great role in this game. Keep up the awesome work, also hoping to see more masterpieces from you.

Starfreaks responds:

You set an example for all of us by walking the path of the badass! My heart swells with joy at your kind words :)

More adventures to come soon! RAAHHH!!!

Would make a good movie

Starfreaks responds:

That would be badass!

1This had been my favourite of all of them. Great job and keep up the good work!

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks fellow badass!

Great job again man! The plot twists were all awesome and it was full of great humor. :)
I hope this isn't the end of the series.

Starfreaks responds:

Glad ya liked it! Definitely not the end :) I'm working on a horror episode for the Halloween Spooktacular and I've got another fun one in the works to post after that- as well as several pages of notes for future adventures! My D&D group parted ways a few months back but I can't let all these unused adventures go to waste ;)

Man, I think this one was the best yet. I was surprised by a few of the twists in this story, which is saying something. I didn't run into any typos in my runthrough, but I'll let you know if I see any in future playthroughs... because I will be playing this one again. These games are so much fun, even when I'm not doing so great I always feel like a badass, and it's never a boring story. It's a testament to your writing that it never feels like too much reading, even though it's a text based game.

The music was awesome too; subtle enough to set the mood without feeling intrusive or annoyingly repetitive. I thought it was just right, and really helped me get into the story.

As always, nice job. Now, I'm off to replay. I ended up accidentally going full on evil on my first play through, and I want to go through again as a hero. I love the freedom of action in these games... you can match your character actions to your real life mood!

Starfreaks responds:

Being the bad guy is fun ;) But so is being the hero heheh. I hope you enjoy the second playthrough as much as the first! Glad I was able to keep you on your toes with some of the twists.

MRW my backstory is revealed... http://i.imgur.com/hxJRO2g.gif