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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

I really enjoyed this. I have never played a text adventure game all the way to the end before.
The story really kept me invested. Thank you!

Starfreaks responds:

i'm very happy to hear that :D

text adventures are cooooooooool!!


Starfreaks responds:

I love the enthusiasm ;)

Nice text adventure. Longer than previous ones but I also had a feeling sometimes that my choices do not really matter (like when fighting in city or during siege) - maybe I am wrong.

Keep doing these, nice to have "something different" than typical flash RPGs (which also do not appear often lately, as we have been conquered by idle games...).

Thanks mate!

PS. Had 3k of gold, anything I can buy else than comb and potion?

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely more to come :)

Not much to buy in the game actually- that was an oversight on my part. You can get tattoos in Edgewater for $500, you can gamble on the fights in the tavern, buy the comb and the potion, but that's about it for this one.

I'll be adding more variety of items to buy in future games, as well as make money a little more scarce so you'll need to strategize a bit with what you buy.

The choices all lead to very similar endings, it's just details that change- for example, if you follow the "good" path, you'll decide who lives and dies during the fight, and having the blue potion will change your ending if White Lotus gets stabbed.

Following the "bad" path obviously leads to a totally different game, where you kill the spirits instead of trying to find redemption, which leads to a totally new climax- nobody comes to fight at the Grey Keep, but you take your fight to the Heavens. Having the blue potion alters your ending there and makes you choose between saving yourself and Lord Hawk, not having it... welp, you're shit outta luck there heheh.

So yeah, a lot more focus on a structured narrative and choices really alter the details of the ending, not necessarily the whole ending itself (like having one ending where you go and live in the woods on your own vs another ending where you take over the world vs another ending where you become the leader of a thieves guild).

Thanks for playing and commenting!

This game was amazing. I loved how I could soak myself in lore to my hearts content. I loved the backstory. I loved the idea of different choices. I loved establishing a relationship with White Lotus.
Everything here was written and crafted with loving care. I really love this game and am definitley going to look into your others. You definitely should consider writing books!!!!

Starfreaks responds:

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy to hear you had such a great experience with this game :)

I've thought about writing choose your own adventure style books or even a full on novel at some point but I want to get a little more practice first.

Welcome to the tribe!

These games are always fun. I sort of miss the graphics of earlier Shyfter games, and am still wishing there was a way to play this on mobile.

Good work!

Starfreaks responds:

glad ya enjoyed it :) The game is enabled to be touchscreen friendly, so you should be able to play it on mobile- I've tested it on an iPad and Android phone and was able to play through it, but i'll double check everything. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!