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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

So cool! Imma gonna get to the deeppest point of this game!

Starfreaks responds:

Ohhh yeah! Go as deep as you can ;)

This is pretty amazing for a script based rpg game. It reminds me that every story I've read, every player I've played as; is a life I've lived from my own, and that the choices I make are just factorials of factorials with either rewards or consequences that are reaped.

Starfreaks responds:

You are a hero and a badass!

why why they hacked my level my hero cant level anymore in rpg maker games

Starfreaks responds:

Damned Russians... They're hacking everything these days, even your level! We must form an alliance and fight them together! We can not - NO - we WILL not stand for this!! TO ARMS!!!

very engaging!
i couldn't put it down, and i'm usually run out of patience with text based games.
you did a really good job of drawing the player into the story very early on.
very well made. well written and designed - you've got it.

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :D

Another awesome game in your series. I'd love to play DnD or Pathfinder with you as the gm!

Starfreaks responds:

I'm free most Saturdays from 11am-5pm EST. Shoot me a PM and we can set something up on Roll20 if that works for you!

I've been thinking of setting up a Crypt Shyfter discord server where anyone who wants to join or host an RPG sessions can jump in. Ya know what? I'll just set one up and leave a link here for anyone who reads this in the future that may want to join: