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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

My type of game !
uhh..interactive story...

Starfreaks responds:

Glad to hear it ;)

At last I gave it a shot, this was a cool read!
The story had some fun reveals, and I liked how 'self-aware' the tone was (stuff like "you see the farmer from the beginning of the game").
One thing I kept wondering by my playthrough was if the goods you could purchase actually had an effect on the story/dialogs (like the tattoos) I just read on your comments that there were a few with variations, but still, it would be fun to explore that more detail; In any case, I find it pretty cool to see a dose of those "classic RPG" elements into this kind of games.

Glad to have made a little part for this one, good job!!

Starfreaks responds:

Hey thanks Butzbo! And thanks again for the artwork, it looks totally badass :D

As i killed the dreadnaught with my inner chi. POW POW YAAAH!!! The creature of myth's last words were... OH NO BLEGHH!!! And i ended its life with HOOOO-WAAAHH!! PEW PEW PEW!
All in all. great bloody game as always

Starfreaks responds:

i imagine this as you after you killed the Dreadnaught: https://i.imgur.com/u8V14n7.gif

ur games are everywhere

Starfreaks responds:

like little bugs in a swamp. constantly swarming and devouring all they see. or like alien arachnoids, spreading our virus across the stars. Zerg-like. we are hivemind. we are one....

Im a sucker for text adventures, but this is completely awesome :)

Starfreaks responds:

No, you're completely awesome!!