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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

I really like how you can set up a lesbian couple with an elf and a human with nice back muscles...
All jokes aside and with all do respect this is the best thing I have ever read ever and I have read the best novels literature has to offer... Keep up the good work fam!!!

Starfreaks responds:

Homer, Dante, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Vonnegut, KungFuSpaceBarbarian. I can see it :p

These games only get better and better.

Starfreaks responds:

My heart swells bigger and bigger with each comment you post. I don't think I've ever gotten a live action update as someone has binge played the series before. This is awesome. Also you are awesome :D

I'm so glad you're enjoying these!!


Starfreaks responds:


one word ten outta ten best game hotter then hot best game 2017 confirmed!

Starfreaks responds:

this is a great honor. I'd like to thank the Academy, my mom, my dad, my dog, my first grade teacher....

*10 minutes later*

...my boss, my grandma, and uncle rick. I couldn't have done this without all your support. NOW WATCH ME FLEX AND RIP MY SHIRT!!! RAAAAH!!!!

Cool but not my type

Edit:Yeah,that was my review. But my opinions changed and I've played a lot of your games. It's loveable how much effort you put in to make those games. I am so sorry for being such arrogant with that old review. But the game is great and I've learned to love those types of RPGs

Starfreaks responds:

Aw shucks! Maybe I can dazzle ya with the next one ;)

Thanks for the stars my good buddy