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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Bonefreaks"

This is considerably better than your other games, and it's great to see you continuing to improve upon yourself. On top of that, fellow members of Newgrounds have provided you with a wonderful selection of music (not a bad song in the bunch), and I love imagining every monster and character in the style of Butzbo's art. Overall, it's a fantastic experience from all aspects, KuFuSpaBa, and I would like to thank everyone who helped you to make it possible.

I just wish I didn't keep forgetting the names of everyone and the choices I make from previous playthroughs, but those are faults of my own.

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, the musicians are all really awesome :) I messaged all of them specifically for use of their songs- I wanted a little variety in the sound; some classic battle drums and Asian sounding music, mixed with some old school video game style music so players could pick the style they liked best.

I think it would be super awesome to write a game for @butzbo with full graphics - I love that art style so much XD


Starfreaks responds:

yes! I love text adventures, we need more! :D

Best one so far. I have played it once choosing the "utter bastard - kill everybody" route and it was fun as hell ! The story and branching is excellent. The ending is awesome.

I will enjoy exploring this world. Great badass work, dude!

Starfreaks responds:

All right! Did you have the blue moon juice at the end, by any chance? I'm curious if choosing the utter bastard route meant telling the merchant to fuck off and stop trying to scam you haha. That will change the ending pretty significantly if you have the juice or don't have it ;)

And of course there's always the good guy route to take, which is almost like a separate adventure altogether hehe

There is so much I want to say, but I think it can all be summed up in one sentence. This was freakin' rad! This installment was a little more linear than I'm used to from you, especially after your last iteration. In this case though, that doesn't hurt it. The game actively encourages you to explore every path and then tells you when there is nothing to be found. This is a completionist's wet dream. If I had to criticize ANYTHING about this game it would be the overabundance of money. I bought everything I could see and still had thousands of gold to spare. It might had added more weight to the choices if money was more scarce and we could only get everything if we optimized our playthrough. Who am I kidding? That's not what made this game fun. It's clear early on that I'm basically playing this game with God mode on and stuck in the initial honeymoon period of rampage. It was all the badassery I would imagine in this scenario and the ability to just be a weapon of mass destruction is plain fun.

I admit I wrote this review just to rant endlessly about my experience and had no real significant input to make the game better. That just means you nailed it.

On a sidenote, poor axe-smasher. He had the potential to be so cool. It's too bad he was only a kung fu barbarian and not a kung fu space barbarian or he might still be alive.

Great job! I eagerly await your next submission.

Starfreaks responds:

Thank you so much for the in depth review! Your words mean so much to me :) I'm really glad you enjoyed this one- I admit it's definitely a lot more linear once you choose the good path or evil path but I wasn't sure how to keep the story cohesive if I started branching off like crazy near the end :p

I will take your advice about the money to heart for the next game- I completely agree, if you follow all the right steps you get a stupid amount of money and there isn't enough stuff to buy in the game. For my next one I will make that part of the strategy- buying certain items will mean giving up other options that can play a part in the future.

Thank you so much for playing and commenting!

fantastic story, the dance off, eyes exploding out of heads, the sex, the protagonist back story it was all done amazingly well. I did a few playthroughs. I got the best gear I could and tried making new decisions I just want to know is it possible to save white lotus?

Starfreaks responds:

It is possible to save her! Visit the marketplace in Edgewater, one of the merchants should have something that can help ;)