Reviews for "F.H. Memento: Love Beyond"

It's a decent game, the puzzles are okay, neither too hard nor too easy and the visuals are okay as well. Sadly though, it's nothing too great either. Especially the dialogues and "motivations" are really bad...I mean, seriously? "Father, I will go into the laboratory but only if you give me the doll you promised me"...As a parent I would be like "Listen here you daughter-looking squirt, I'm your dad and if I tell you to go somewhere you will go there."
So while this may be a decent time-waster, it's really just a mediocre puzzle/"escape" game (also why would you need those puzzles in your own house?)

Good atmosphere as always, but this game is much less... logical the others. I mean, why whould someone have such a puzzles in his own house? It was understandable when it was an escape game but seems artificial in such surrounding

Please put a slider on the sound? it's so loud! Other than that? AWESOME LIKE ALWAYS.

Well good game - the only problem is when Fm-Studio upload a game, whats is avaible in other sites long ago :D