Reviews for "F.H. Memento: Love Beyond"

Smaller and kind of much easier than other previous parts but still same great dark atmosphere. Hope this story continues and the little girl is saved and gets justice & the evil punished.

I found the puzzles were far too easy and they game was too short. Maybe this will somehow play into the story when the next game is released, but I was disappointed that this didn't tie into the other games in the series.

I was waiting for a long time for another episode of this game. And than... it was so sort, easy and giving no answers .The storyline is not continuing where it ended I pretty much don't like memories in games). I think it was kind of unnecessary but I enjoyed it anyway.

did the roman numeral puzzle over and over, even the exact way in the walkthrough, but will not open,

Played with interest, the ending is sad! =( No bad game