Reviews for "F.H. Memento: Love Beyond"

Interesting story and puzzlework, would have liked to see a little more to this but hmm...seems rather complicated before and after the game.

You know what would make a nice touch, have her face change at the end in the painting.

Game play was rather short compared to the previous episodes. I was a little shocked by the jump scare, but wasn't frightened. Puzzles linked well to their clues. Not sure what will happen to that damaged girl.

These are minigames that the creator does in between main chapters of the game. Stay tuned for the fourth Forgotten Hill (I know I am), but for what this game is - a short point-and-click game as a side story - it's a lot of fun and just tricky enough, with a nice, creepy vibe. There's two others in the Memento series and I hope they wind up on NG as well!

Good story, but it was TOO SHORT! Like the atmosphere too! Love the characters style!

Good story as always! Keep up guys! I love your series!