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Reviews for "I woke up next to you again."


No words to describe how epic that was!! Seriously, great job!

Amazing story, I love how you always make a story about real life situations. Like, for "You Left Me" you had this perfect fleshed out story and I could relate to it on a personal level. For this game. I love how you have that unexplained crush, curiosity about somebody you don't know. Something I go through a lot and am going through everyday. I like the anxious, calming, yet stressful instrumental you put because these are real feelings. The player is confused on what to do with this stranger. He/She slept with him/her and now doesn't know why an uneasy feeling is eating at them. I also love the theme of how obsession can ruin your life

That was amazing omg i love the visuals and the graphics are amazballs keep doing what you are doing

I like it, the endings are vivid. A suggestion is maybe adding more endings or maybe adding different scenes. But overall a great game.