Reviews for "Meme Wars - Blackmail Backfire"

5 Keks for you!

It's great to hear the Left Crying while CNN and it's brainwashed lackeys see their little house of cards collapsing, glad to see someone bringing some real political pluralism into this shitty website.

A nice and satire animation depicting the current or semi-current at this point political climate and happenings within it and how absurd it all is. CNN is and always has been bad and this animation not only takes stabs at the silly way trump goes about doing what he does which sometimes I genuinely disapprove of, but it also takes very fair jabs at CNN reacting and behaving the way they do and even Soros being the creepy fuck he is. Whilst I must say it's inaccurate to call the person they blackmailed a child it may as well be semantics considering they STILL blackmailed someone. All in all though this animation was a very well done comedic satire of everything that happened and was very entertaining for what it was worth! Make a sequel or something!

Can't stump the Trump...kek.

I love everything in this video!