Reviews for "Meme Wars - Blackmail Backfire"

Praise Kek! Great animation and sound. Loved it. And all the haters out there can go munch on Killary's crusty, beat up, leathery, herpes infested meat flap labia lips. CNN = FAKE NEWS!

Wonderful art and animation. Kek be praised.

Can't stump the Trump...kek.

Love the animation ... the details, oh man. The plot is great, summs up quite a lot. Keep it up, proud of you. All in all this is a great parody.
1 star for animation
1 star for sound effects
1 star for the script
1 star for the memes (pepe and that kido that made meme about cnn)
1 star for easter eggs

The animation was good. Very good. The story or gag was not really that good. Nothing really happened - however, the fundamental flaw of this movie was the sound. The soundmix was all over the place. Mostly it was very low, almost felt like whisper, or it was loud. There was no middleground, and that's a shame.

Maybe if the sound was better, the jokes could be heard easier, and the whole overall experience would be better than it is now.