Reviews for "Midnight Spooks"

Lol! So did you change the ending scene so it wouldn't show the head? I was on escapegames24 and they were talking about that. I was hoping for the head, dang it! ARGH.

Also, when you have him say, 'jacob', in the last few scenes, it needs to be Jacob. ;) nice one. This was fun, loved the puzzles. The Hamsa puzzle had me for a min, though!

Great game, as always!

Great game :) i'm love Games DeathTiger0

whoa..wait a minute..halloween is just next month...right?

Phenomenal game, really fun and really had me thinking but I had a problem with one question (happy that I only had to use the walkthrough for one question but I'm going for no walkthrough regardless next time):


When it says 15 degrees, it actually means 75