Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"


Very well done. Cracks me up, this one. Lovely finishing line x)

> MaskedK <

it's fucked basicly

wow i'm surprized ther all not dead yet


Aww... poor shrews :(

Pretty cool

Unfortunately, with the way this flash was made, it doesn't really stand the test of time. That being said, it was still pretty awesome. The sound was very humorous and was very well done. The different predators of the shrew were funny, and the way yo udid it was great. The graphics were pretty good, although some of them seemed a little 2D. Definitely a lot better than most flashes around this time though.

((( NEAT STUFF )))

This was neat, some really good voicing seem to fit perfect for the content ha a schrew hehe, some nice animation aswell as anamal designs very good work on this, also neat how there was 3 different viewings on the matter, anyways nice job, hope to see more in the near future...

I like it as is...

Ha this was neat and some really nice artwork to go with...