Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

very funny

i like thiz, very sweet. u made thiz agez ago so were r ure other super sweet movies?

This is my favorite

I viewed this a long time ago and thought it was hilarious.But now im decided to review it.All I gotta say is..This is my favorite Newgrounds Portal movie.Great job POX!

Hah! I kill me!

::falls down laughing::
what is it about a british accent that makes EVERYTHING about a jillion times funnier?
but this just flat out roks. inane, well animated... very monty-python-esque.

very worthwhile, worthy of multiple viewings while completely intoxicated off of salmon piss and llama turds.

this thing is so....

man what can possiblys going on in that guy's head 2 make such nice piece of work??? man that is so wicked... i luv it! keep up the good work


(i wanted to give it a 9 but my friends wanted to give it a ten)

it was pretty fun. originl and i like original thing. hehheh.. shrews suck...