Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

Sucks To Be A Shrew

Great clip.. i hope that i don't get reincarnated into a Shrew :(

Better Than the Crocodile Hunter

Too soon? Anyways I love this movie, just the basic simplicity of the comedy and animation tie together so well


Very well done, drawings are smooth and very funny as well, I think your small fast forward during its natural predators was a good idea and very professional considering you kept the humor of strange/multiple predators while also not dragging a single scene out too long. Your narration was EXCELLENT, you maintained good tone, steady pace, and nice accent too. altogether, this was very well done, and fun to watch.

Great short

It was well made throughout especially for being as old as it is cause it had some great sound quality and excellent voice acting,the end was just plain hilarous.


OMG that was hilarous btw.... nice facts, lol