Reviews for "The Pygmy Shrew"

i watch it every day!

this is possibly the greatest flash movie i've ever seen. i watch it every day.


GODLIKE, the whole thing is funny, the best part is when it lists its preditors, or where it shows the young shrews hunting the mother. awesome, this guy should submit more


very original but pretty weird and somewhat funny it sure wasnt that great though

"This Culture Abhors me."

Personally, I am not a shrew adorner. This movie does not offend the animal lover in me as much as the humanitarian. Existential thniking has looked for meaning in life outside of religion only to find movies like this that warrant the death of infinite numbers of defenseless shrews. How can you sleep at night knowing that you have abased the already low dignity of the shrew and infuriated an entire populous of existentialists who may have been on the verge of finding meaning in your very life? In conclusion, drink milk and run a lot.


this should be shown on the discovery channel