Welp, there goes about a minute of my life.

Its A okay Game Simulating The Gameboy's graphics but its to hard and the game is kinda lame
but other than that its okay

wuz prob fun and quick to make, I liked rebident ebil and this is a cute homage, what's up with all the faggot haters in the review section?

ninjamuffin99 responds:

newgrounds is for weenies that s what happened

2.5 because it's a good laugh, the medals made me crack up, and there is alot of the creators personality in it.
But, very, very basic... Good concept though! :) Like to see more by you.

I'm sorry, but I didn't care for this brief game. Well, it appears to be just a gag. I actually did earn the medal. I'm not into "Resident Evil". I'm more "House Of The Dead". Well, HOTD is easier as an arcade.

The colors were nice. I liked how I could change between colors. That didn't seem to help me much though. I guess it's fine for a really short game. Whatever!