Digging the difficulty, really making me work to try and beat the game

not bad work Good :)

2.5 because it's a good laugh, the medals made me crack up, and there is alot of the creators personality in it.
But, very, very basic... Good concept though! :) Like to see more by you.

okay clearly i dont like this and you cant even get past, tried it like 3 maybe 4 or more and cant get get away from the zombie! and this is a reference to resident evil i know the creater needs to better about this, im sorry if this was abit harsh

ninjamuffin99 responds:

old school games are tough as hell
also not harsh enough :>

Like MaxFeel I also found a bug: if you sprint at the wall and try to smack into it you can clip through or if the wall is light you can walk right through hence this will break the game.
I even managed to record it: https://youtu.be/x-VSPFEbbGs?t=2m5s
hope it helps ;)

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Yo thanks for the vid! youre pretty good heheh.
Ye the problem is the a combo of the thinness of the walls hitbox, the way smacking works, and the way running works. When you smack the wall, it move Jill about 15 pixels to the right, then when you release Z it moves her back. When you press the run button, it increases Jills velocity a bit for each press. SO with a combination of Jill being about halfway through a thin wall, and then having her velocity increase a smidge, it shoves her through to the other side.
Anyways this is a little technical explanation for those interested in the way it works lol

The most recent update(published right when this review went up) should fix this.