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Reviews for "The Shooting Stars - A Rock in Space"

Well, I certainly liked this, but it confused me. I don't see why the rating is so high. Is it because of the animation? Alright, I admit this is really amazing animation. It's just beautiful! The final punchline didn't seem that good.

It was a gun the whole time? How odd. This still looks beautiful. I can always appreciate that. It's certainly unique.

Great work Mr. Huerta

Brilliant script and fantastic pixel art; I'm a tad perplexed by what the implication of the ending cannon shot implied to have happened since I don't see how that ties into the notion that they're inside a sentient asteroid, but it kind of added charm to it anyway.

Is that Jeff's voice with an echo effect at the beginning, by the way?

Nevermind; ignore the question; I typed it before I saw the part in the credits about him being the narrator, but I refuse to hit backspace.

Looks promising.

Fantastic. Eagerly awaiting more.