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Reviews for "Nites Episode V - By Starlight"

Great animation, backgrounds, and visual storytelling. My one complaint, is that the note scene took away from the visual narrative.

Dude, the artwork was amazing in this! There was one complaint I had. It was too short! There needed to be more going on! Everything moved so gracefully. I feel bad for not being aware of the other episodes.

I just want to see more of this. It really is a traditional knight story. It's not like Castle Crashers or anything. It's just a classic medieval tale. Could use some dragons, though.

I love this. Everything was great, by far one of my favorite silent cartoons.

The animation here is great, but not only that: the music carries this episode as well. Great job all around.

An interesting style of animation. I do enjoy how the story may be told without a single word being uttered by any of the characters.