Reviews for "Europa: Alptraum: Kapitel 1"

It's not bad. I do enjoy the art-style and the story is interesting as well. Sadly the music wasn't working for me, but that could be my headset. And yes, my mind was going elsewhere when the guy was saying "seize the means of production" since this is an adult game...lol. But I would like to see the follow-up, the next chapter if that makes sense.

Pretty limited, but seems a solid start. But really not a game at this point, more a short story with pictures.

The art was stunning, and the music was nice. My problems were with the writing, and the censoring. As far as writing goes you need to fix some typos. As far as censoring goes why do you even have it? If you are foreign, and have laws set for it, then that's fine. Otherwise it is just not necessary.

The story is interesting but there isn't much of it and I am REALLY not sure why you chose to use Unity; it really seems like overkill for something like this. I was expecting there to be an action, or at least interactive, sequence, rather than there being two (really only one) "choose an option to move on" points.

I hope the size is for music (which... honestly ... I didn't even listen to) and it can be reused because otherwise by the time you've got something resembling a full story it will be monstrous in size.

Herr EU is a little cartoonishly villainous which makes me wonder: is the Mayor in on it, or just really really stupid? Kind of disappointing that we don't get to find out.

Would have appreciated the game not moving on from the initial quote on its own. I speak nur ein bischen Deutsch, so hadn't finished interpreting it by the time it went away, which is the exact opposite of the problem I have with most text-based stuff (in English).

I did appreciate "childhood friend *girl*" as a good compromise for the lack of gendered nouns in English, but might suggest "childhood female friend" or more colloquially "the girl next door".

Why did you not translate "Mother" and "Father"? It was a little puzzling that all the text except that was in English.

I personally prefer that a game either have nudity or not, not try to straddle the line with censorship. Did we really need to see her pixelated genitals?

In short: interesting story but not enough of it and please lose the censorship.

Snake-Studios responds:

Wir denken selten an das was wir haben,
aber immer an das was uns fehlt.

We rarely think about what we have,
but always about what we are missing.

This is the main point of chapter 1 basically (and a part of the explanation why that is the case will be in the next release)

Also, thank you a lot for your suggestions!

For being in the Dating Sim category, it is actually an extremely linear (IE, many options are blocked out so there is only a single option, essentially making this into a single path with no options)
Also, as pointed out before, many of the translations have caused the text to go beyond the text box and disappear, cutting out (potentially, no way of telling) important parts of the story.
The music, however, is very enjoyable, and the art style is beautiful. It is a shame it is censored, but obviously that isn't by choice, probably a necessity.
As this seems to be very unfinished, I would definitely come back for further updates!