Reviews for "Europa: Alptraum: Kapitel 1"

I like it. The art is nice, and the story is interesting enough. There seems to be a few errors with grammar, but other than that it's great.

first i like it
Im confused about a couple thing
one is this the first part of game
second any reason u cant pick the other chooses
ps. it would be cool if you could vote at the meting

Snake-Studios responds:

You will later see that a lot seems to be "off" in that village..
That some things are weird and others are maybe not even really happening..

It's pretty good all around, just the grammar needs some work. Also, does it HAVE to be censored, or is there an uncensored variation?

Great game. Improve the scenes and all right.

Great work! Enjoyed the art all around, I feel like there is a bit of sketchiness to it, but that does certainly add a bit of charm. Good character designs and scenery as well. Unique blend of elements creating the European feel with an anime styling to it. Can't say much for the coding, it's not much of a game, but it does work, no issues playing it!

Snake-Studios responds:

Oh, hello Wrongfire! Thank you a lot for checking this out.
You are right about the code. Right now it is exclusively a VN.
But soon it will be so much more than that....
We are trying to revolutionize here at Snake-Studios after all and don't want our games to be just like any other ;)
So there are quite some things to be excited about waiting for you on the follow-ups!