Reviews for "Europa: Alptraum: Kapitel 1"

It's not bad. I do enjoy the art-style and the story is interesting as well. Sadly the music wasn't working for me, but that could be my headset. And yes, my mind was going elsewhere when the guy was saying "seize the means of production" since this is an adult game...lol. But I would like to see the follow-up, the next chapter if that makes sense.

The style is amazing and the story is quite good, but the final part is too forwarded while everything is quite slow, so it feels like a break change, getting yourself out of the story... Maybe you should make the part in the oak more slow or even put it later in the game. Although, it seems to have too much potential, keep the good work!!

first i like it
Im confused about a couple thing
one is this the first part of game
second any reason u cant pick the other chooses
ps. it would be cool if you could vote at the meting

Snake-Studios responds:

You will later see that a lot seems to be "off" in that village..
That some things are weird and others are maybe not even really happening..

I like it. The art is nice, and the story is interesting enough. There seems to be a few errors with grammar, but other than that it's great.