Reviews for "Europa: Alptraum: Kapitel 1"

There will be 2 parts in my review about the game..good & bad...
Bad part: There is a lot of text. It was very easy for me to lose interest in reading and just skipping through the text. There are only a few choices..and by few I can remember only 2 if I didn't click some mistakes in my boredom clicking to get somewhere good with the plot...
ON SHORT- Shorten the text moments..consider moving them AFTER a choice the player has to take.
- Add more choices for the player...I felt like i was just reading a book where I was trapped to one path, not able to do anything else.

Good part: I really liked the art, the concept of the village and the people, the music seemed alright...

TL:DR : Improve the player choice system and shorten the text...3.5/5 , you can still improve :)

Gross. shit game. Stop developing. People want to fuck, no one wants to pop a fuckin cherry./

The art was stunning, and the music was nice. My problems were with the writing, and the censoring. As far as writing goes you need to fix some typos. As far as censoring goes why do you even have it? If you are foreign, and have laws set for it, then that's fine. Otherwise it is just not necessary.

*Sinister music plays in the background as the business man cackles*

Not a bad demo, but not good either. In terms of story, the main antagonist seems ham-fisted, hell he even has an evil laugh, which is brought up in the story as a side point. Grey him out a bit, make him appear more normal and have the player decide whether to trust him or not (I say this because I have a few characters that play on this trope and that business man doesn't seem one to match it to me). I would complain about sex being in the game (and so soon, with plot in mind), but then again it's your choice, not mine. Added, so far the choices are very linear, but I'm sure that won't be too much of an issue.

Onto the positives, I love the sketchbook art style and the plot of a town untouched by modern society considering taking up socialism.

It's pretty good all around, just the grammar needs some work. Also, does it HAVE to be censored, or is there an uncensored variation?